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  • My North East Facing Garden in August – A Round Up

    It’s been a funny old time recently. The Covid-19 lockdown has certainly provided me with more time to spend in the garden and I’ve been able to keep on top of things there a bit more. Usually by this time of year the garden has to be self sufficient as I’m so busy with work, but with most of my work postponing until next year, I’m able to enjoy some…

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  • My North East Facing Garden in May

    May is definitely a good month for the garden! It’s really coming alive, with so much new growth and things bursting into flower. Maybe it’s that there’s a bit more sunshine? Here’s what’s flowering in my north east facing garden in May.    The start of the month saw the arrival of the apple blossom which is one of my favourites in the garden. You know Spring is on its…

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