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  • Simple Wood Panelling Tutorial

    For about a million years I’ve wanted to update the island in our kitchen. It was super boring, finished with just the cheap melamine end panels. It really needed some shwazzing up! This was really quick and easy to do, so here’s how we did it in my Simple Wood Panelling Tutorial. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to…

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  • Super Quick and Easy Kitchen Update

    So I wrote a post a bit ago about how we painted our kitchen cupboard doors rather than replacing them (read it HERE). Here’s another super quick and easy kitchen update that will transform your kitchen on a budget. I started to hate the boring silver handles that came with the kitchen so turned to good old Ebay, and found some gorgeous antique brass effect ones which would be much…

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  • Cheap Kitchen Update – How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards

    I’m terrible for it. I am constantly wanting to change things in my house, be it the living room floor (which definitely needs sanding but I need to wait for the new sofas to come to see whether it ACTUALLY needs to go lighter or stay dark) or my kitchen, or my bathroom which definitely needs changing. Unfortunately I lack the skills and the budget for any major changes. Here’s…

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