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  • My North-East Facing Garden in February

    It’s been a while since I updated you on what’s going on in the garden. To be fair, there’s not much going on! We live on a hillside so the garden is sloping. It’s roughly tiered in line with the steps on the path, and has been this way since the house was built around 150 years ago. It’s north-east facing and open to the world with hardly any privacy.…

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  • My Garden in July & August

    This is a bit of a combination of months. I feel I’ve let my garden get away from me this year. It’s been such a hot summer and the garden has really suffered! I’m sure a lot of other people are in the same boat. Our lawn has become really parched. We have clay soil, which is usually too wet and means the grass dies over winter. This summer it…

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  • My North-East Facing Garden in June

    Hi! I hope you’re well? Here’s an update on my north-east facing garden in June. Let’s see what’s flowering in this Yorkshire hillside garden in June. We’ve had a mini heatwave! It’s been a lovely few weeks of hot sunny days and nice cool nights and not a drop of rain. I had a quiet week of work and spent a lovely few days pottering in the garden and catching…

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  • My North East Facing Garden in May

    May is definitely a good month for the garden! It’s really coming alive, with so much new growth and things bursting into flower. Maybe it’s that there’s a bit more sunshine? Here’s what’s flowering in my north east facing garden in May.    The start of the month saw the arrival of the apple blossom which is one of my favourites in the garden. You know Spring is on its…

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  • My Garden in April

    So I know, I’m a little late with this one but it’s been a busy old month! Wedding season has kicked off which means I’m really busy with making wedding cakes and I don’t get as much time out in the garden as I would like. The weather has also been awful! Snow one day, weird and warm the next – it’s as though it just can’t make up its…

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