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  • How to Panel a Staircase

    A while ago I started the hallway makeover. It’s by no means finished, but we have made progress! Woohoo! One of the tasks left on the list was to panel the hallway, going up the stairs and on the landing. Here’s how to panel a staircase even if you don’t have a fancy mitre saw that will cut whatever angle you want. It took me a while to figure out…

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  • Modern Victorian Bathroom Makeover on a Shoestring

    Ever since we moved into this house, the bathroom has been on the list of things to redo. The layout isn’t bad, but the actual bath tub had seen better days and those awful turd brown tiles… The tub itself was enamelled steel and the enamel had chipped off in parts. The coating to the bath as well always looked grubby. Nothing seemed to make it clean, and it had…

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  • Our Master Bedroom Transformation – with Wall Panelling Tutorial!

    I’ve always had a thing for period houses. They’re so full of character! Victorian houses especially appeal to me as they are sometimes unnecessarily grand, just for the sake of it. Our tiny terrace has grand skirting boards, coving and ceiling roses, all designed to impress visitors and give the impression that it’s a mini mansion! It’s really not, it’s just a three bedroom terraced house on a hill. In…

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