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  • Colourful Kitchens in Period Houses

    Kitchens have certainly come a long way since our house was built in 1875. Gone are the dark brown wooden open shelves and freestanding units which were more for function than style. The kitchen is still the heart of the home though, and there is more choice than ever before. My kitchen is really neutral, but there is a growing trend for adding colour to kitchens. So what do you…

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  • Vintage Kitchen Styling Ideas

    If you’ve been around the blog for longer than 5 minutes, you’ll know I’m a big fan of vintage kitchen style. I like to think of my kitchen as having a rustic vibe, being really cosy and homely with a lived in feel. It’s definitely not a sleek, modern kitchen! If you love a vintage style, here are some vintage kitchen styling ideas you can try.   How can I…

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  • Neutral Paint Colours for Period Homes

    I get asked A LOT on Instagram what colours I have on the walls and woodwork. I thought I’d put together this quick blog post so I can refer people back here (and save me telling everyone all the time!). I’m a big fan of neutral paint colours. I’ve tried darker colours on feature walls and they never sat quite right with me, so I’ve always returned to the light…

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  • How to Panel a Staircase

    A while ago I started the hallway makeover. It’s by no means finished, but we have made progress! Woohoo! One of the tasks left on the list was to panel the hallway, going up the stairs and on the landing. Here’s how to panel a staircase even if you don’t have a fancy mitre saw that will cut whatever angle you want. It took me a while to figure out…

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  • The Art of the Slow Renovation

    Instagram is choc full of renovation accounts. It’s such an amazing place for gaining inspiration and following along with renovation journeys. Recently though I’ve found myself becoming less and less into other people’s renovations and quick transformations (I know, who even am I?!). Now I’m way more interested in the art of the slow renovation.

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