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  • Simple Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

    Looking for simple neutral Christmas decor ideas? I’ve got you covered with these Christmas home decor ideas inspired by a slower pace of life.   You may or may not have noticed that I’ve not really been around recently. I’ve not blogged since July and haven’t posted on Instagram since August, and even before then it was only sporadic. In all honesty, I lost the love for it. It was…

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  • The Art of the Slow Renovation

    Instagram is choc full of renovation accounts. It’s such an amazing place for gaining inspiration and following along with renovation journeys. Recently though I’ve found myself becoming less and less into other people’s renovations and quick transformations (I know, who even am I?!). Now I’m way more interested in the art of the slow renovation.

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  • Simple Styling Tips for Spring

    I love Spring. I imagine most people do, but I really do. Winter always seems so long, and I’m easily bored! After Christmas and New Year are over and done with, there’s nothing really to look forward to until Spring. One way to start the Spring vibe earlier is to bring some Spring indoors. Here are a few really easy, simple styling tips for Spring. My first is really easy…

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