simple styling tips for Spring by Life with Holly - White tulips

Simple Styling Tips for Spring

I love Spring. I imagine most people do, but I really do. Winter always seems so long, and I’m easily bored! After Christmas and New Year are over and done with, there’s nothing really to look forward to until Spring. One way to start the Spring vibe earlier is to bring some Spring indoors. Here are a few really easy, simple styling tips for Spring.

My first is really easy – grab a bunch of tulips! These ones cost £3 from the local supermarket and are a cheap and easy way to brighten up the kitchen. I like white tulips (and I’ve just planted a load of White Marvel ones out in the garden) but as tulips come in a wide range of colours you can add a pop of colour really easily.

White Tulips Simple Styling Tips by Life with Holly

Another way to add some Spring colour is to add pots of bulbs in and around the house. I have a pot of hyacinths by the sink which make me smile every time I have to wash up. You could try a dish of yellow narcissi or blue grape hyacinth for more colour. I DID have some white cyclamen, which were really pretty, but they suffered too much when Holly and I were in the hospital so RIP cyclamen.

White Cyclamen Simple Spring Styling Tips by Life with Holly

I like to display flowers from the garden all year round if possible. In all honesty there’s not much in the way of flowers out there at the moment, but I have got some lovely hellebores I inherited from next door. I love how understated they are (a bit like me, right?!).

Hellebores in Vintage Bottles - Simple Spring Styling Tips by Life with Holly


When we go out walking, I always keep an eye out for bits I can forage and use at home. I found these beautiful blackthorn blossoms in a wood at the weekend. They look beautiful simply arranged in a vase on the mantelpiece.


Blackthorn Blossom mantelpiece Styling by Life with Holly

I gave the big hoop a bit of a spring refresh. Gone is the crispy AF dried eucalyptus from Christmas 2018! I had a forage in the garden and found some foliage. I also added in some new bits from a florist and some dried old leaves from my palm in my bedroom. Here’s a tutorial for how to create a wreath.

Oversized Hoop Wreath - Spring Foliage - Simple Spring Styling Tips by Life with Holly

Spring Styling Tips by Life with Holly - Oversized Hoop wreath

So there you go! Some really simple spring styling tips (like REALLY simple!). I’d love to see if you decide to do anything similar. You can tag me in on Instagram (@life_with_holly).

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