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  • Spring Garden Ideas – Historic Gardens at Wentworth

    We took a trip to the historic gardens at Wentworth for my birthday this year. Now part of the Wentworth Garden Centre, these beautiful gardens were once part of the kitchen gardens and pleasure grounds of the historic Wentworth Woodhouse. Having fallen into disrepair, the gardens have been restored and are now a beautiful place to have a wander. Hopefully you can get some spring garden ideas too, as the…

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  • The Best Plants for a White Garden Border

    Looking for the best plants to create a white garden border? Me too! I’ve long been inspired by the beautiful gardens curated by Vita Sackville-West at Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in Kent. It’s on my “to visit” list, but with me being up in Yorkshire it’s a bit of a trek! The White Garden at Sissinghurst is world famous for using only flowers in shades of white with grey, green and…

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  • What Flowers in March in a North-East Facing Garden?

    Hello! It’s been a while…! The constant lockdowns and the whole pandemic have really knocked my creativity and I’ve been struggling to get into blogging. I’ve barely done anything to the house or garden since my last post, but this year I’m determined to get our awkward, north-east facing sloping garden sorted out. If there is a more awkward garden out there, I’ll be amazed! We are north-east facing, which…

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  • Planting Bulbs for Spring

    Gardening is all about looking forwards. It’s this whole act of planning for the next season that I love, and one of the reasons that gardening is so good for the soul. I’ve been thinking of how I want the garden to be in Spring and so have ordered a ton of bulbs from Farmer Gracy. Their bulbs are always really good quality and they have a great range available.…

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  • My North East Facing Garden in August – A Round Up

    It’s been a funny old time recently. The Covid-19 lockdown has certainly provided me with more time to spend in the garden and I’ve been able to keep on top of things there a bit more. Usually by this time of year the garden has to be self sufficient as I’m so busy with work, but with most of my work postponing until next year, I’m able to enjoy some…

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  • My North-East Facing Garden in February

    It’s been a while since I updated you on what’s going on in the garden. To be fair, there’s not much going on! We live on a hillside so the garden is sloping. It’s roughly tiered in line with the steps on the path, and has been this way since the house was built around 150 years ago. It’s north-east facing and open to the world with hardly any privacy.…

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