North East Facing Garden Tiered Different Levels Cottage Garden Style by Life with Holly

My North East Facing Garden in August – A Round Up

It’s been a funny old time recently. The Covid-19 lockdown has certainly provided me with more time to spend in the garden and I’ve been able to keep on top of things there a bit more. Usually by this time of year the garden has to be self sufficient as I’m so busy with work, but with most of my work postponing until next year, I’m able to enjoy some downtime. Here’s what’s happening in my north east facing garden in August…

Home grown sweet peas by Life with Holly My Garden in August
Home grown sweet peas

So, as ever, our garden is still a work in progress. I shared the start of my new planting beds at the start of the year (see here). I planted a range of plants and seeds in the beds, hoping for a cottage garden look in shades of white with some box balls for year round structure. I also included some obelisks with cuttings from a Claire Austin rose to be trained up them. In the beds I’ve gone for some hydrangea Annabelle, white foxgloves, astilbe, astrantia (Star of a Billion I think), hellebores and anemone “The Bride”. I’ve got loads of bulbs which were planted earlier in the year, including some white tulips which didn’t do so well – I’m thinking I should have prepared the soil better, as it had been laid to lawn for goodness knows how many years. I’ve since added a load of well rotted manure as a mulch and things are doing well. I’ve got some white daffodils (Thalia) on order from Farmer Gracy’s and some more tulips – I just love them!

Planning new flower beds cottage garden North East Facing Garden Tiered Different Levels Cottage Garden Style by Life with Holly

Our poor lawn has taken a pounding from Holly this year. With lockdown restrictions in place this strip and the middle lawn have been her playground, and being there has meant she can play with her friend next door. I’ll give it a proper reseed in Autumn because there’s no point now! She still uses it to play Fairy Races on, so it’ll be trashed again in no time. Next year I’ll have a fab lawn! It’s a funny shape at the moment, so I’ve got to decide on what shape to make it (I’m thinking a circle).

Claire Austin Rose by Life with Holly My Garden in August
Claire Austin Rose

I’ve really enjoyed using my garden as a cutting patch to get flowers for the house. I love having fresh flowers but am trying where possible to grow my own. Sadly my dahlia efforts were thwarted by the slugs and snails of the garden, despite copper rings, wool pellets and nematode treatments, so I’ll have to do without, although the roses have been amazing. I got a new archway (mainly so the delivery man didn’t have to limbo under the roses any more). On one side is my beautiful Claire Austin rose, my absolute favourite, and on the other side is an unnamed rose which is the rootstock of a standard Evelyn rose which died when we moved in. It’s turned out to be a beautiful white climber, so can definitely stay.


Home grown flowers from my garden in august by life with Holly

I’ve planted a new hawthorn hedge along our southern boundary as the neighbours have constructed what can only be described as a megadeck. This is built out on stilts over land that they don’t own and as a consequence is significantly higher than our bottom garden. We also have a 9/10ft fence they have “kindly” put up. To make matters worse they have installed a glass balcony which is only to waist height, so can stand and look right into our garden where we would sit and eat. I’m hoping to get a small summer house down on the bottom lawn at some point to give me somewhere private to sit, but until then we’ll make do with the chairs and table on the middle lawn while the hedge gets established. It’s not exactly private but way better than being watched by the neighbours! Hopefully the planners will see sense and ask them to sort it out.


Lavender by Life with Holly My Garden in August
Lavender Hidcote

Anyways, here’s to a sleepy, sunny August in the garden!

Lysimachia by Life with Holly My Garden in August
Lysimachia and Verbena Bonariensis


Thanks for stopping by and seeing what’s going on in our garden! For more garden inspiration, check out my Pinterest where I have pins for cottage gardens, white gardens, sloping gardens and more!

Comments (4)

  • niwibo

    19 August 2020 at 4:14 am

    Wow, what a difference between the garden when you moved in and today.
    Beautifully overgrown, you can spend a wonderful August and summer there.
    I wish you a nice day

    1. lifewithholly

      3 September 2020 at 1:30 pm

      Thank you so much! It’s still a work in progress but I think that’s the joy of gardening :)x

  • Tony Payne

    28 August 2020 at 1:35 pm

    Wow your garden looks lovely now. What a change from a few months ago.
    Ours has been a work in progress this year, helped by my having 2 months on furlough in April/May followed by working from home ever since.

    1. lifewithholly

      3 September 2020 at 1:31 pm

      It’s been a great opportunity to get little jobs all over the house and garden done. I’ve actually really enjoyed not having to work (I’ve not enjoyed not having the money though!)

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