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  • My North-East Facing Garden in February

    It’s been a while since I updated you on what’s going on in the garden. To be fair, there’s not much going on! We live on a hillside so the garden is sloping. It’s roughly tiered in line with the steps on the path, and has been this way since the house was built around 150 years ago. It’s north-east facing and open to the world with hardly any privacy.…

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  • Small Courtyard Garden Ideas

    Our small courtyard garden is a bit of a funny place, a place we never really used other than for pegging out washing and getting out to the car. A while ago, we made a pallet sofa (see the blog post with How To Make a Pallet Sofa here) which was great but in all honesty was too big for our small yard. Our small courtyard is a funny shape,…

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