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  • Our Neutral Bathroom – Going back to the lighter side!

    Have you ever redecorated a space on a whim? Or something someone said? I’m in a group over on Facebook where people talk about their houses. Someone had asked for pictures of navy bathrooms to get inspiration, so I sent over one of mine. I then started thinking. I never actually wanted a navy bathroom. I wanted a super dark grey one. How did I end up with a navy…

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  • A Tutorial for Wood Panelled Walls in the Bathroom

    Initially when we were planning our new bathroom, we were heading towards having tiled walls. White metro tiles, to be exact. I’ve got a pallet of them sitting in my cellar, ready to go the walls. Unfortunately for those tiles, I changed my mind and decided to go for wood panelling. It was easy to do and looks great, so I thought I’d type up a tutorial for wood panelled…

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  • Modern Victorian Bathroom Makeover on a Shoestring

    Ever since we moved into this house, the bathroom has been on the list of things to redo. The layout isn’t bad, but the actual bath tub had seen better days and those awful turd brown tiles… The tub itself was enamelled steel and the enamel had chipped off in parts. The coating to the bath as well always looked grubby. Nothing seemed to make it clean, and it had…

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