How to Make a Simple Cupboard Curtain

Hide unsightly clutter and appliances (in our case, the bin and empty wine bottles for recycling) with this easy to make cupboard curtain. Using fabric in your kitchen like this is a great way to add a vintage touch as well as being practical. You can change them up if you fancy a room refresh as well. If our washing machine wasn’t too big for it’s space (we have really skinny worktops so it pokes out the front!) I’d make one for that too. Let me show you how to make a simple cupboard curtain!


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These cupboard curtains are really easy to make, and should take no more than an hour. They’re a great beginner’s sewing project as you’re basically sewing one piece of fabric with straight lines of sewing. Here’s a simple cupboard curtain tutorial.


You will need:


Fabric (I used this simple French style cotton ticking from Etsy to make mine). How much fabric you need will depend on the opening you’re making the cover for.

Sewing machine

Coordinating cotton thread

Tape measure

Garden wire or curtain track

Eyelet hooks



How to make a cupboard curtain

Begin by measuring the length and width of the opening. Add half again to the width to allow for some ruffling and an extra 5-10cm to the length to allow for you making a channel.


Cut your fabric to size. Fold over 1cm ish down each side and sew in place wrong sides together. This will be your hem around the curtain. You can use pins if you like but this fabric is pretty stiff and holds the fold well, and you can use the stripes to line it up. I left a raw edge on mine as I liked the look of it, and I’m a rebel like that.


You’ll need to create a channel for your wire or curtain track to pass through. To do this, fold the top side of the fabric down so it’s the wrong sides of the fabric together. Sew along the fold (nearest where my thumb is in this pic) to hold this in place.


Insert your eye hooks into wherever you can. I have one in the wall that the plasterer very kindly plastered over and one in the underside of the worktop. These eye hooks usually just screw in place – you may want to use some pliers to help you screw them in.


Attach your wire or curtain track to one of the eye hooks and thread your curtain on. Attach the other end of the wire or curtain track to the other eye, and pull as tight as you can using pliers.


There you go! Instant vintage charm with your very own cupboard curtain. Let me know if you decide to make one! I’d love to see 🙂



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