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  • Our Master Bedroom Transformation – with Wall Panelling Tutorial!

    I’ve always had a thing for period houses. They’re so full of character! Victorian houses especially appeal to me as they are sometimes unnecessarily grand, just for the sake of it. Our tiny terrace has grand skirting boards, coving and ceiling roses, all designed to impress visitors and give the impression that it’s a mini mansion! It’s really not, it’s just a three bedroom terraced house on a hill. In…

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  • Master Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

    When we moved into our house, the master bedroom was, well, alright. It was fine. It lacked character however, as the original fireplace had been removed at some point in the past and it was a bit boring. We decided to put a fireplace back in (just as a feature) and then gave the room a general update so it was less bland and boring. Here’s how we did our…

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