Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. I’m hoping this will become a place where you’ll be able to find some inspiration or gain some comfort from knowing there’s someone out there who’s in the same boat!
I’m Jo, I’m 30ish (I refuse to admit I’m getting old!) and I’m wife to the long suffering Mr R, mum to Holly and I’m a work from home mum. I’ve always had a passion for creating a home, and whether it’s decorating inside, upcyling some furniture or titivating the garden, I’m always busy with some project or other.
Our house is my dream house. When Mr R saw it online when it came up for sale, I initially dismissed it as it was over our budget and too perfect. It had period features, real fires, ceiling coving, chandeliers, a garden AND parking – definitely not for the likes of us. Luckily Mr R persuaded me to go and have a look, and obviously we fell head over heels in love with it. I remember walking upstairs and whispering “Let’s buy it!” before we’d even seen the bedrooms! We made an offer, had it accepted and got the keys in October 2014.
Since that time we’ve come to realise all the compromises that come with this house. Yes we’ve a garden, but it’s steeply sloping and terraced, north facing and at the front of the house with only a yard to the back. We have parking, but it’s accessed along a single car track which becomes a quagmire in Autumn and Winter so our car is always filthy (or thilfy as Holly would say) and covered in bird shit. We’ve got an open plan layout downstairs, which is something we never really wanted, and as we’ve got the original single glazed sash windows the house is FREEZING.
I still love it though.
We’ve got lots to do, having only just started really doing anything to the house. Everywhere has had a lick of paint, but I do love a project and there’s so much still to do!
Thanks for stopping by!
Jo x

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