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So we’re finally on the last of the Harry Potter series. I can’t believe how much we’ve both really enjoyed reading these! I was always the one scoffing at those adults reading these books, calling them books for children, but I’ve loved reading these with Holly.

It’s amazing to think we’re on the last one already, however. I think the competitive element of trying to stay one step ahead of the little girl next door is helping us to get through them so quickly though. She’s reading the books too. I HAVE to stay ahead of her, because she likes to tell us what happens! “Oh, did you know such a thing happened?!” (I’m not as bad as she is, I don’t like spoilers!). I’ve also had to ask Holly not to spoil them for her friends at school, as they’re all starting to read them too. It’s as though Harry Potter-mania is sweeping the village!

Holly has become slightly obsessed with the world of Hogwarts and all the goings on with the characters. She enjoys imaginative role play games and obviously she now always plays Harry Potter with her friend from next door and her friends from school. She’s already said she will be asking for a wand for Christmas and the best part of our recent trip to London for her was going to see Platform 9 3/4 (and buying a fluffy Hedwig toy, obviously!). Hedwig even came out with us for the day yesterday. When she’s older and can watch the films we’ll go to London again and go on one of those walking tours around the locations. I’m a real geek for stuff like that.

What should we read next? Holly has enjoyed these and the Narnia series especially, so anything along those lines would be great. Any recommendations gratefully received! x

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