Gallery wall in lounge, black and white, botanical prints, free printable

Gallery Wall on a Budget

The wall behind our sofa has had a gallery wall on it for nearly as long as we’ve lived here. It’s been *alright*, the higgledly piggledy one that was going on until today, but I’ve got to a point where I need order. Rows. A sense of coherence. My husband says it’s my inner control freak rising up. I say I don’t want it looking like my little girl made it. Here’s how I made a gallery wall on a budget! 


The before…

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I found these amazing free printables from Temperance Rose and Tidbits on good ol’ Pinterest, where I’ve got a board of free printable artwork, and they were perfect for what I wanted. They’re black and white, they’re vintage looking, they’re botanical and best of all they’re free! This gallery wall only cost me £26.99 for the frames! I printed out a selection of the prints using my printer. They’re only inkjet onto A4 paper, nothing fancy.


Gallery wall in lounge, black and white, botanical prints, free printable
Bit wonky. It’ll be right.

Marking out the position of the frames was a bit of a ballache, admittedly. I measured the width of the wall and divided it in half to get the centre. I banged in a nail at roughly the height I wanted the top row to be at, and worked from there. I laid the frames on the floor and worked out roughly how far I’d like them spaced. I put a nail in for each one along the row every 28cm to ensure they were evenly spaced. Then, to be truthful, I totally gave up with measuring when it came to the bottom row, as I was rushing. I was making this gallery wall when I should have been working (oops) so was really up against it! Luckily I work for myself, so no harm done. I just put the nails in for the bottom row where I thought looked good, stepping back to check every now and then. Luckily they don’t look too bad and we’re not that big on perfection in this house 😉

I’m in love! I feel calmer already just looking at this.

Using free printables is a great way to create a gallery wall on a budget. You can even use wallpaper samples as I have done in the master bedroom to create free artwork. 


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