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Style Your Home Using House Plants

House plants and I have a love hate relationship. I love them, but I think they may hate me. They keep dying! Despite this, they’re so good to have in the house so I keep persisting. They have so many health benefits, including enhancing your mood, purifying your air and reducing carbon dioxide levels. Also, they look so pretty! There are so many different types of plant available, with different shapes, colours and sizes of leaves. Here are a few ways to style your home using house plants.

Style Your Home Using House Plants by Life with Holly

A large statement plant can make a real focal point and can be used to draw attention away from other aspects of a room that you may not like as much. Here I’ve got a large Areca Palm I bought from the garden centre next to the fireplace in our bedroom. I love it’s dramatic foliage and it works well with the yucca plant to frame the fireplace. It also helps take your eye away from the big old radiator on the wall. The Areca was very pot-bound when I bought it although was only £7 so I couldn’t not buy it! I hope it’ll turn greener as it settles into its new pot and home.

Style Your Home Using House Plants - Life with Holly

Grouping plants together can be a really effective display and can also help the plants to be healthier. It increases the humidity around the plant so creates a lovely little micro climate for your plant babies. In our hallway I have three plants with different shapes and sizes of leaves. The string of hearts is a fabulous little plant with a trailing habit and gorgeous heart shaped leaves. Holly loves this! The dragon tree adds height while the other one (I’ve no idea on this one, if you know let me know!) adds a lovely texture to the group. Try using different sizes and shapes of pots in a similar colour palette.

Style Your Home Using House Plants - Life with Holly

I have a faux plant from Ikea in the kitchen on our #shoddyshelves. As I run a food business from home as my actual real job, I can’t have real plants in the kitchen but I missed the pop of green. I chose one that trails as it helps to lighten what would be an otherwise quite dark spot.

Style Your Home Using House Plants - Life with Holly

I also have a peace lily and ivy plant in the bathroom. The ivy is great for its air purifying ability and the peace lily adds a spot of colour to a plain old boring windowsill. As our bathroom is quite dark, I chose plants that would work well in the dimmer light and are more at home in shady areas. I like the jungley vibe they bring too, so will be investing in some more when we get round to sorting the bathroom out.

Style Your Home Using House Plants - Life with Holly

Hopefully this will inspire you to use plants in your home. With the right situation and the right care, a plant can give you lots of joy! Green looks good with anything x

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