Modern monochrome pumpkins for Halloween

Modern Monochrome Halloween Pumpkins – a Tutorial

I love Halloween! Every year pre-Holly we had a house party where we and our friends would be dressed up. Since Holly we’ve not had the house parties (mainly because now I struggle to stay up past 9.30pm!) but we like to decorate the house and go trick or treating. Here’s a quick tutorial for some modern monochrome Halloween pumpkins because basically I’m not a fan of orange! I much prefer monochrome pumpkins.

Modern monochrome pumpkins for Halloween

To start with I had to lug these pumpkins back from the Co-op. It’s not far, but they are heavy! I also had Holly with me who refused point blank to help carry them. Once we’d got them home (and I’d managed to let my arms rest) I set to work painting them. I just used some old remnants of emulsion paint we had in the cellar and gave them 3 or 4 coats.

Modern monochrome pumpkins for Halloween

Once dried, we then had to carve a design into them. As Holly is obsessed with Harry Potter we chose the symbol of the Deathly Hallows for one, and the standard basic spiky mouthed face for the other. She wanted to some more but quite frankly I got fed up after these two!

Modern monochrome pumpkins for Halloween

I scooped out the insides and used a sharp knife to carve the design. Holly meanwhile read part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in support.

Last year we had rose gold and white pumpkins, this year we’ve gone black. They look amazing and I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out!

The small white pumpkins were from Aldi of all places, and were only 39p. We had a special trip there for them a week or so ago, and I came out with 3 house plants too. Aldi is becoming brilliant for house stuff, and it’s so cheap.

Happy Halloween! If you give these a go, why not tag me on Instagram? I’m @life_with_holly x

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