• How to Make a Rustic Scaffold Plank Dining Table

    If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest you’ll have seen all these amazing rustic tables made from scaffold planks, and I thought they seemed really easy to make. I wanted to replace our old £20 charity shop find table (which had had a million coats of paint and still looked rubbish) with something a bit nicer. Here’s how to make a rustic scaffold plank dining table – it’s easier than you…

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  • Super Easy Pancake Recipe

    One of the Most Exciting Days Ever is Pancake Day. Not my words, I hasten to add. Holly has at least one new Most Exciting Day Ever every week, and this week is just overflowing with them. The My Little Pony – The Movie DVD came out yesterday and was also the Most Exciting Day Ever, especially as she had some friends round for tea to watch it with her.…

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  • Hello!

    Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. I’m hoping this will become a place where you’ll be able to find some inspiration or gain some comfort from knowing there’s someone out there who’s in the same boat!   I’m Jo, I’m 30ish (I refuse to admit I’m getting old!) and I’m wife to the long suffering Mr R, mum to Holly and I’m a work from home…

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