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  • Super Easy Christmas Mantelpiece Garland

    One of the things I’m really grateful for in our house is the beautiful fireplace. Every year at Christmas I like to decorate the fireplace with a garland. I usually use fresh foliage, but this always ends up crispy and dry after about a day and a half as we use our fire. This year, inspired by my faux foliage wreath making workshop at OKA, I decided to create a…

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  • Plastic-Free Christmas Wreath Tutorial

    Another week, another wreath! This weekend we started to decorate the house for Christmas. I say we – Mr R helped me move the bookcase then went out to buy a part for the car, and Holly helped put the baubles on the tree then decided to do some crafts. With glitter. Eugh. I put the tree up, made a mantelpiece garland, a staircase garland and two door wreaths. Here’s…

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